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Lena Astrid has danced oriental dance for 25 years, and before that classic and  modern ballet. Lena has performed professionally and teached for more than 20 years. Lena won the Danish Championship in bellydance in 1999, in 2005 she became3. at the Amani Oriental Competition in Libanon, and  in 2007 she got bronce again at Stockholm Bellydance Rewards. Lena has used her expertice as a judge at several events, latest Danish Open Bellydance 2013. She teaches classes at Move dancestudio, Vennemindevej 39, 1. sal, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, and she teaches workshops in Denmark and abroad. Lena has studied several oriental dence styles, and has received education from more than 30 different teachers (see underneath and the photoes n the gallery).
Lena Astrid is chairman for and is arranging Oriental Dance Festival Copenhagen ( Lena has choreographed dance shows and has her own ensemble; Sirocco, - Copenhagen Oriental Dancers, who in 2005 won the "Raqs Sharqi - the Contest" for groups in Berlin.

Yoy can experience Sirocco and Lena at international festivals and arrangements by Oriental Dance Union (ODU).

Watch videos of Lena:

Contact: mobile +45 28961172,  E-mail:

Lena Astrid on Stage:

[ lena astrid ]

[ lena astrid ]

As bollywood, salsa,
afro and oriental dance
model in the magasine
"Sund Nu" 
Marts 2009

[ lena astrid ]

"A-Music - (1) -
Program about
w/ Lena Astrid
Kanal København

[ nyhedsavisen 07 ]

Nyhedsavisen 2007

Lena wins 3. place at Stockholm Bellydance Awards 2007:
[ lena astrid ]

Article in Jyllandsposten
3. Nov. 2005 about Beduin Bar
with photo of Lena Astrid

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Lena wins 3. place at Amani Oriental Competition in Libanon 18th of  June 2005:
[ amani and the winners ]  [ cutting the cake ]

From article about Stockholm Bellydance Festival in Dagens Nyheter 8 of May 2005:
>>Even World artists come to Stockholm to be guest teachers... And from Denmark comes "the queen of veils" Lena Astrid Nielsen.<<

 Photo: Magnus Hallgren

[ Lena Astrid i Dagens Nyheter ]

Lena Astrid
Oriental Dance Festival Copenhagen: Eshta! – an  oriental dance show with "the best" of Egypt

Lyngby kulturhus
18th of April 2004

Photo: Zascha Bohse

Lena Astrid,
7th Annual Gala Show,

Sal Antony´s,
New York City
27th of July 2004

Lena Astrid
[ Absolut Oriental ] >>Night<<
- A summer "club-night" with oriental dance in Copenhagen

Kbh N
19th of August 2004

Drawing: Karina Bjerregaard

[ Lena Astrid i Ugebladet Søndag ]
Article about om Lena Astrid
Ugebladet Søndag nr. 35 by Arne Sorgenfrei.

23 of August 2004

Article (in Danish): 
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| Billede (103 kb jpg-fil) |

Photo: Britt Lindemann

Dance education:

Lena has danced oriental dance for 20 years, and before that received training in classic and modern ballet (Helen Dohlmanns dance studio). She has been one of Louise Freverts professional dancers and with her performed in most of her professional dance shows, Tivoli, TV, theatre and more. Lena won the Danish Championship in bellydance in 1999, in 2005 she became3. at the Amani Oriental Competition in Libanon, and  in 2007 she got bronce again at Stockholm Bellydance Rewards.

Lena has received teaching  from dancers all over the Middle East:
Amani, Mounir Malaeb, Sami Khoury, Georgette Gebara, Gerard Avedissian, Francois Rahmeh (Libanon), Nesrine Topkapi, Prins Erkan, Fatima Serin (Turkey), Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahme, Tito, Camelia, Freitz, Khaled, Aida Noor, Raqia Hassan, Nadia Hamdi,  Youshry Sharif, Lubna Emam, Faten Salama, Nermine Azzazy og Randa Kamel (Egypt), Lela Haddad (Tunis), Nawal Benabdallah (Marrocco), Amoura (Israel),
- and western dancers: Dalila of Cairo (Italy), Beata and Horacio Cifuentes, Sina (Germany), Scharazad (Netherlands), Nourhan Sharif, Sahra Saaida og Sherin (US), Maher Kiskson, Louise Frevert, Ninna Holbek (Denmark), Suzanne Abou Shebika and Ulrika Hellquist (Sweden), Fereshteh, Josephine Wise (UK)

She has studied folk dances from all over the Middle East: Dabkeh and Baalbeck Bedouin (Libanon), Guedra (Marroco), Zar, Fellahi, Saidi, Baladi, Meleya Lef, Al asaya (Egypt), Khaleege, Raks l'Emirat (Persian Golf).

She has taken classes in Gypsy dance and performance at Liz True, Drama at Peter Gantzler, Bollywood by Lucy Bannon, Natacha Devalia and Maria Brevits Bhardwaj, Khatak at Lucy Bannon, Bhangra at Maria Brewits Bhardwaj and Bharata Natyam by Natacha Devalia. Hula by Susanne Mortensen. Lena has also taken classes in oriental percussion and rhythms at Lars Bo Kujahn, and in Zillz/ zagat at Horacio Cifuentes.

Lena is continually educating herself and has taken classes in  yoga and poweryoga (Horacio Cifuentes, Helga Kristindottir), teaching by "personal trainers", and modern stretching and dance training (Ea Aalbæk -Nielsen).

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body" -Martha Graham 

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